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Enterprise Profile

  We are a large comprehensive power industry solutions provider in China, focusing on power grid and new energy projects. We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services relating to survey, design and consultancy, construction contracting, as well as maintenance and overhaul. We also engage in the investment, development, construction and operation of energy projects, and trading.


  According to the F&S Report, in 2015, we ranked fourth among PRC comprehensive power industry  solutions  providers  in  terms  of  revenue,  second  among  PRC  provincial  power  grid engineering and construction enterprises in terms of net profit, and ninth among PRC new energy engineering and construction enterprises in terms of revenue. In terms of new installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic power projects in operation in 2015, we were the largest engineering and construction company of wind power and solar power projects in Inner Mongolia.


  Our business segments include:

  • Survey,  Design  and  Consultancy:  We  provide  design  and  engineering  services  for domestic and overseas power grid and power generation projects. In addition, we provide a broad range of consultancy services, including power industry consultancy, assessment and supervision.

  • Construction Contracting: We provide services for construction projects of power grids, power sources, industrial and civil buildings and other infrastructure in China and abroad.

  • Trading: We started our trading business in June 2015 on a trial basis and we intend to expand our expertise in the commodity markets to help build our centralized procurement platform for our construction contracting business. We trade commodities such as petroleum products, coal, chemical raw materials and others.

  • Power Project Operation and Other Businesses: We invest in and operate a variety of power  projects,  provide  power  projects  with  overhaul  and  maintenance  services,  and engage in power equipment manufacturing and property development.


  As one of the leaders in China’s power engineering and construction industry, we primarily provide services to energy and power companies in Inner Mongolia and other provinces in China. Based on our track record, we believe we have successfully established “Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering” as a well-known brand name in China’s power engineering industry. In recent years, we also provided survey, design and consultancy services in Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.


  In 2013, 2014 and 2015 and the five months ended May 31, 2015 and 2016, our revenue was RMB5,114.7 million, RMB3,845.9 million, RMB6,533.3 million, RMB1,114.8 million and RMB3,496.1 million respectively. Our profit for the same periods was RMB184.7 million, RMB203.4 million, RMB302.4 million, RMB91.7 million and RMB228.6 million, respectively.

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