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Create a green culture
Always adhere to the implementation of green management, development of circular economy concept of environmental protection
Publicizing adhere to the concept of green in the management and production service work through energy conservation, technological innovation, technological innovation, promote energy built into a "green and sustainable development" enterprise.
Create a culture of responsibility
Always adhere to the active performance of their duties, the contribution of self-worth attitude
Actively training the staff clear sense of responsibility, courage to assume responsibility for culture, so that the responsibility to stimulate inherent potential of individual employees, the company formed joint overall effort to achieve high performance.
State responsibility: to insist on compliance management, boost economic growth
Consciously in accordance with national laws and regulations, legitimate business, pay taxes in a timely manner, to cooperate fully with the relevant government departments to monitor and review
To serve the national and regional strategies to support the national economic construction and development as the main target for the realization of state-owned assets of duty
Responsibility for employees: implement people-oriented, and strengthen employee care
Safeguard the interests of workers, to ensure the life and health of workers, benefits, enhance employee humane care, enrich employees amateur life, improve employee well-being
Deepen the democratic management of enterprises, transparency in factory affairs to protect the right to information, participation, supervision of employees, and comprehensively promote the construction of a harmonious enterprise
Responsibility for the environment: focus on energy saving, environmental protection practice
Strengthen green growth and energy saving ideas propaganda, enhance staff awareness of energy saving, can be built to promote "green", "sustainable" development
Increase investment in environmental protection, emissions control, focus on energy and resource-saving technological transformation, adhere to provide clean energy
Responsibility to the community: public-spirited, the pursuit of harmony together
Strengthening employee volunteer team building, active participation in community public action to help improve people's livelihood, and actively contribute to the community
Issued in accordance with national poverty reduction and aid mission, designated to carry out poverty-relief, donation, caring student counterpart support and other activities
Play their own advantages, assistance to areas without electricity construction, and promote the comprehensive development of the local economy and society

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