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Group organized trade union cadres training Published:2016-08-25

July 19-20, 2016, the company held a trade union cadres training, the company and union affiliation Vice-President, Director of Women Committee and dedicated labor protection and other trade union cadres to participate in the training.
Group Vice-President Han Jie attend union training and pointed out that this year, the training of cadres is an important company union work, is to strengthen the trade union cadres, improve the service workers union, business development services capabilities important initiatives. Teachers are teaching union has extensive work experience of experts, hope that we can cherish training opportunities, conscientiously study and explore the initiative to communicate with the teacher, learning the combination, so that training can really achieve tangible results.
The training invited nursing home workers Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Party branch secretary Liu days and the Minister of Labour Protection Department Ren Jianping around Hohhot CGT trade union, women workers and labor protection work and other content of the training system. Training process, by way of example and teachers of students conducted in-depth discussion, we think that through this training, clear objectives and priorities of trade union methods to further enhance the performance ability and professional quality of trade union cadres.

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